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Increase in engine noise in the cab after clutch and fly wheel replacement

Jane Nicol

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Hello I am hoping that someone may be able to help diagnose an issue with our crv 09. We have just had the clutch, fly wheel and bushes replaced. Since the work has been done the engine noise in the cab is a lot more noticeable. It's definitely got louder. Its not a fault noise just normal engine noise. It's almost as if some sound proofing is missing. The car is quite new to us and we aren't mechanically minded. Any ideas? 

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Hi Jane....welcome to the Forum


Not sure what it could be....here are some suggestions.


Exhaust system not secured on the joints effectively which may be leaking slightly and sounding louder

Engine cover not refitted (top and bottom ones)

A grommet removed (say to fit a new hydraulic master cylinder and not refitted properly.


So many possibilities so I would be tempted to take it back and mention it to see if they can find the source of the noise

Let us know what you find out

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