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Honda Accord strange rattling noise from the roof when travelling high speed

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Hi all, I am driving a Honda Accord 2003 Ex 2.4 and I am experiencing this strange annoying rattling sound when traveling above 65mph. I was wondering if anybody have similar experience. I taped up the windows and others, went to the dealer to check but the noise persist. The dealer says it would be too expensive to investigate so I was wondering if any Honda expert has experienced such issue. The audio file is when travelling at 76mph 

output 1.mp3

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I think something is loose inside the car. When going through bumpy tarmac, the noise is also heard. I tried to open up the headlining but the front light area is not a sunglasses box. I am not sure know how to open it


It is a brilliant idea. Do you have any smoke generator that you would recommend? 

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