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What other wheels fit the frv plz

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On 11/8/2020 at 12:14 PM, Trix said:

Plz help

Anything with the same PCD, bore, and Offset should fit. As an example, I have a set of S2000 17 inch alloys with summer tyres (225/45/17), and the standard 16 inch FR-V alloys with winter tyres for the cold part of the year - everything other than August then 🙂 The spec for both vehicles matches, so a straight fit without any adjustments - other than lower profile tyres.

There's a very good article which describes PCD, Bore, and Offset at Alloy Guide although you'll probably find other similar descriptions too. Bear in mind that the Bore is the bit in the middle which bears the weight of the car, so even if you can't find a good set with the correct bore, you can always pad it out with spigot rings (as is often the case with generic aftermarket wheels). Personally I prefer genuine Honda as long as they look good, and work properly.

FYI the spec for the FR-V is:

PCD = 5 x 114.3

Offset = 45 to 50

Bore = 64.1mm


You'll also find tyre size calculators useful if you go up or down a rim size. Try Wheel Size- it might look a bit techie at first, but once you get the gist of things it's not too bad

If you need wheel spacers, have a look at Superforma - there's also an explanation of PCD, Offset, Bore under the Guides section






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