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CRV 2014 2.2 EX Service help - what service is next full or half??

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Hi All,


I have a 2014 2.2 EX CRV bought it Jan 2019, warranty service was done back in Oct 2019, 39kish...


2020 nothing really happened, its been about 1.5years since the last service,  thought I better service it and get the discs and pads done after the MOT (which was fine)!




I can't find any info in the books about what service it is meant to be!


I normally buy a service pack and give the car to my local garage who does my MOTs etc.


Its a low miler, so after the 39K service back in Oct 19 (box 5, 60months service box).   I am on 48K, is it a half service or full service?  Which pack do I need to get?  Is Cox still the place to go or is there others who offer the service packs (aftermarket)?  This service I will do will go into the 75k/72months box6!


Also does anyone have a service sheet which shows all the things that are done and checked during services??


Grateful if anyone can confirm?


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I would be tempted to only service what hasn't been done in the recent past.
Fuel filter may be one to consider if the vehicle has been sat around as sediment tends to form in the diesel.


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Thanks for that, I guess, I will do the smaller of the services, rather than the full service, but change the oil in anycase.


So I will get a basic service pack and a oil change pack.


I will check with the garage to see if anything else needs doing when they carry out the service.


MOT was in Jan and apart from the brake pads need doing, nothing else was mentioned then, when it passed the MOT.


Great stuff



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