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Hi All, 


I need some Honda expert advice. I recently bought a Honda CRV EX (2016). When the wipers are on the wiper motor makes a relatively high pitch whirring/whining sound. It is very obvious. When I freeway you don't notice it but around the local roads if I do not have the radio on it is very noticeable and annoying. I sat in two friends CRVs and they do not have the noise, only the wiper blades on windscreen. This is not that. I took back to the dealer and they took it in to replace the wiper motor (genuine). I got it back and they said it made no difference and the sound is still there. They said that it seems to be a normal thing with these Honda CRV wiper motors. I am a bit taken aback because for a relatively luxury car this seem like an odd thing that noone would complain about to Honda!


Does anyone else have such a sound when their wipers are on? That is, the whining/whirring of the wiper motor. 


Thanks in advance for any advice. 

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I wonder if it is the linkage rubbing against something metallic (bulkhead, etc)?

Worth checking by running the wipers and listening under the bonnet for where the noise is coming from

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