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Fr-v front brake caliper

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Hi everyone,  had a FR-V for a week now,  2.2 diesel,  103 k miles, plenty of history.  Anyway, OSF front brake seems to be binding and getting slightly hotter than the other side,  it's not as bad since I've cleaned everything,  greased the slide pins, rotated the piston and pushed it back and put a bit of brake fluid under the dust seal.  I might have to puta caliper on if it doesn't settle down.  Looking at the history it has niffin brakes on the back and sumitomo on the front,  is this normal? Also i can't find a sumitomo  replacement caliper. Coxs honda lancaster say they aren't available anymore.  I take it i need to fit a sumitomo caliper as a niffin wouldn't fit? Not sure what to do for the best.  Any ideas? Supposed to be going to Devon on Saturday.  Not sure how hot the brake can get without damage,  it doesn't smell or anything and the alloy is warm not hot. Cheers

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I've just had a look at the front caliper and it is intact niffin, which seems easier to get hold of.  Sorry for the confusion.

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Had this occur on my CR-V and didn't take long for it to start jamming on and having to drag the car into the layby and wait for it to cool down.
Replaced the caliper and just waiting for the other one to follow in due course

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