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12-01 Honda Jazz airbag fault 2006


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2006 Honda jazz with a ‘drivers side airbag fault’ (even though diagnostic machine shows front passenger I confirmed it was in-fact the driver side faulty)


fault code

12-01 open or increased resistance in front airbag inflator 


I have used the passenger side as reference resistance valves as this circuit is showing no fault. 

Initially i disconnected battery etc, reset light but no joy. Resistance checks of the airbag on both sides - ~0.1 ohms. 

Continuity of wiring ok. Although connector on airbag module circuit has a common connection across both pins (a third pin above the two wires that essentially join the two)


Everything I’ve tested has been the same on passenger side, tried fitted resistors and connecting a resistor box to the seat harness and no avail. 

I then used a resistor box at ~2.4ohms and back probed the airbag module from the ‘faulty’ airbag wiring 

(To act as if the airbag/wiring was sending the resistance to the module)

After reconnecting the battery and erasing the fault, it went away and didn’t come back for approx. 6-7 ignition cycles (the next day when the car was driven)

when fault cleared I then removed the test leads and left it. 


I’ve run two new wires from approx. 8cm from airbag module to approx. 5cm to Seat Harness connector. To eliminate crimped/partially damaged wiring 

Haven’t yet checked a price of an airbag module but slowly starting to think it’s a module issue- has anyone had this previously?


Wiring: red/white & green/white



Do these airbag modules require coding? 


Thanks in advance 



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