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Exhaust replacement frv 1800

Mark frv

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Hi. How easy is it to replace the exhaust on an Frv. Most of it is stainless steel but the part the mechanic welded is not. I think it is just the one downpipe that needs replaced and am wondering how hard it is to do and where would I get the relevant part. Apparently the mechanic said there are only OEM parts available and it will cost about £400. Sorry I'm a bit vague but that's all I have at the moment

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When we had our catalytic converter stolen (2.0L petrol), we found that the OEM parts were no longer available (unsurprisingly), but EuroFlo are making pattern replacement parts.


You can check if EuroFlo are making parts for your model on their website.


If they are you can get them at several places, try Online Auto Motive (though beware they sometimes sell the main parts cheaper and the fixings and fittings (bolts, etc) more expensive to make up the difference) or Motor Parts Direct who have an extensive network of parts shops across the UK. You may find that Motor Parts Direct can order the part you need even if it doesn't show on their website.


Hope this helps

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