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Honda CRV juddering under load 1500 - 2200 RPM


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Hi All,


I have a 2009 Honda CRV SE plus 2.2 diesel.  This summer it went in to Honda to have a couple of valve seals replaced.  Afterwards, there was a juddering under acceleration that got progressively worse in the higher gears between 1500 - 2200 rpm.  It is more pronounced accelerating up hills or towing.  There are no fault codes.


Honda diagnosed a high pressure fuel pump issue.  Another garage suggested the front drive shafts which I have had replaced and the rear diff fluid changed, which has made little difference.  Fuel economy has improved but is still nowhere where it was and there is increased tyre wear on the front near-side tyre.  Another garage has said it could be diesel knock and has suggested getting the injectors examined to see if they have any faults.   Oil level warning light came on this evening and the juddering seemed worse


Any thoughts anyone? Thanks.



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Hi Raiters .... welcome to the Club


To be fair, it could be any one of these suggested faults but you need to focus on when it first started and looking at what was removed and refitted at that time (maybe a loose hoseclip or sensor not connected properly.

Also, if it is related to throttle opening and engine load then a remap at a local tuning company may be able to smooth out the juddering.

Diff oil change relates to turning into a driveway and there is a juddering and slight knocking noise at very low speed only (e.g. max 5 mph)

Check the oil level and top up if necessary to ensure no damage results from low levels in the sump (but also check the oil is not too diluted in which case you could have an injector fault)

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