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Unresponsive touchscreen/radio


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Hi Folks, 


The touchscreen/radio on my 2007 CR-V is completely unresponsive, as soon as the ignition is switched on this screen is displayed, i can't even turn the unit on or off, no button or combination of buttons work, it is just stuck on the warning screen, I also have an audio beep coming from the speakers every few minutes whilst driving, which is quite annoying.

I have tried disconnecting the battery and the usual suggestion of holding the power button but nothing seems to work. 


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. 


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It may be that the screen is not fully closed.

Maybe keep a gentle pressure on the open button whilst very gently applying some leverage to open it at the same time (fingernail behind the screen panel and just enough pressure to depress the button)?

If not, then power down the battery and reconnect which may default the screen to reset and open

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