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Cancel TPWS light


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My mother has a Jazz and the TPWS warning has come on, as often happens when the temperature drops. The tyres are fine, but I need to reset the warning

I have searched youtube videos and there are lot of them, but all for later models. My mum's is from 2015, but I think a newer model may have come out later that year, so this would be the previous model and the menus and controls are not the same. I have attached some pics to show the layout of the wheel and the dash. It seems the menu is accessed by holding the (i) button, but I can't seem to find where in the menu does the reset

Any help gratefully received




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I'm thinking my mum has the only Jazz in the world with this set-up? No response in three weeks is very unusual. I think I've got people foxed 😀

My mum took it to her mechanic, who thought he would be able to do it, but he couldn't find out how to. He phoned around several contacts, many of whom have worked at Honda dealers and none of them were able to help him. In the end, he just told her she'll need to put up with it


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