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Little things that annoy me.


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Not sure if this is a good place to put this.

I have been leasing several Jazz over the last decade with Motability.

I got a Jazz HEV+ last year. This my first automatic and first hybrid.


The onboard driver assist is annoying as f***. It keeps trying to stop me from overtaking parked cars on empty roads. I can turn it off, but it turns back on as soon as I restart the car.

I had to top up the tyres. The deflation warning system message said I needed to initialise it. I looked in the owners guide. I could not find anything about it. Found a youtube video about an civic with a similar system. The damn thing is in the flat screen multimedia thing. In a setting that is greyed out, if you don't turn on the engine. The setting is calibrate, not initialise. Please be consistent.  Definitely not in the owners guide.

Don't get me wrong I like the Jazz. I have used 4 of them by now. Its the little things that get on my nerves.

Like touch sensitive controls on the climate control of the previous one, or the large shiny,flat dash that can get blinding when the sun is at the wrong angle of the current one.

Sometime I wonder if the designers of these cars even drive them.


I know this rant may do nothing but it makes me feel better.

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Always good to hear owners reviews of their new car and in this case it certainly gives the impression of clever technology not really being that intuitive and user friendly.

Good luck with working out all the gadgets 🙂


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The driver assist can,t be perm. disabled according to Honda, very annoying, i bought new Jazz 2 month ago, steering wheel endlessly trying to correct, not safe at all in my opinion, anyone any ideas how to disable? thinking of getting rid, great car, my 8th Honda, 3rd Jazz. 

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