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2016 1.6 dtec 4wd auto doesnt use 9th gear

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Hi, my car drives lovely but draws me to ask about the auto gear selection and if this is typical with other like model owners. When cruising on a motorway at 70mph on a level road the car sits in 8th gear at around 1800 rpm and if on a slight gradient it drops to 7th.  I don’t seem to experience it using 9th gear for cruising. If I sneek up to around 80 mph, It appears I still have to manually select 9th with the paddles, it will then  change up to 9th but unless going downhill it soon goes back to 8th.  Is this how the car is designed to run in regards to the gears and 9th not being used when at our national speed limit? I have contacted Honda and oddly, they dont know the answer.


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A remap of the engine ECU could cure this. 

Found when I remapped my CR-V for economical and driveability reasons that the gears had 'longer legs' and contributed to better gear usage

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