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Honda Jazz Windows problem

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Since buying my Jazz in Feb I have had issues with my front windows making a clicking/rattling noise.The first was the drivers side which I took back to my local honda dealer who repaired it (which was in March).A few weeks ago I noticed the passenger side had the same problem.Having taken it back again to be fixed I was told that Honda head office has stopped repairing/fixing windows.They won't do it because their excuse is "It is the characteristics of the car".What a load of bull...t.Strangely enough when I took the car in on the first occasion there was another guy there who had booked in with the same problem!!! My views of honda have now gone down considerably if that's the way they treat their customers!!!

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I have sent an email to Honda UK in regards to this so will wait with anticipation. I think it is disgusting saying that it is a characteristic of the car, so are they telling me the car windows are designed to click or rattle, it seems that way!! Will update if & when I hear but I will get it sorted. 

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