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Catalytic converter info required.

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Alex here. I am a newbie and in need of some help. I moved out from the U.K to Bulgaria several years ago and recently had the catalytic converter cut off my 1999 Honda Accord coupe Mark 6, auto, right hand drive. I of course am looking to have it replaced as my MOT is now only a couple of months away. A couple of questions.

 Firstly can anyone confirm that the exhaust pipe dia is 2.5 inches please ? I would also like to hear from anyone who has also had to replace their cat either in the sedan or the coupe.

I replaced the headlights approx, a year back to get the car switched over to Bulgarian rego ...... very complicated indeed, however its done now.

I have sourced a cat converter in the USA however it all hinges on the exhaust diameter. Any help is much appreciated.



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