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67 plate 1300cc Jazz EX problems. Manual gearbox.

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Hi, just joined the forum.

Whilst I love the Jazz, now covered about 26000 miles, I have suffered from intermittent losses of engine power, right from first bought from new.


They can last a few seconds or several minutes, but in all cases, the engine never cuts out and tickover is steady at about 800 rpm. This suggests that fuel or air starvation is the likely cause. Removing and refitting the fuel cap makes no difference. The worst occasion only cleared itself after turning off the engine for about 30 minutes. 

I have asked the Honda dealer to investigate at each service but no fault was recorded. 

Another problem which may be related is the lack of torque; I have to drop down 2 or 3 cogs even on relatively slight hills and towing a small 700 kg caravan is nigh impossible. Yet this has a low geared 100bhp engine; approx 21 mph per 1000 ram in top gear.


Fuel consumption is around 57mpg on E10 fuel (indicated), dropping from around 62mpg on E5 fuel. 


NB. As a comparison, my partner's 1200cc normally aspirated petrol Polo auto only develops 90 bhp but tows and hill climbs easily despite being much higher geared; approx 29 mph per 1000 rpm in top gear.


I would be grateful for any help or ideas as Honda dealers seem clueless. 

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Hi.....welcome to the Club


I cannot think what could be causing this issue as if it was an electronic or fuel fault then this would show up as an engine management fault and flag a fault code.

It may be a manual issue, such as carbon build up but with the mileage for its age and that you tow with it suggest that its getting the driving style it needs.

Could it be a transmission issue I wonder?

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The problem started shortly after purchase and before I started towing which was in any case short lived. I thought that it could be a dodgy fuel filter but with a cost of about £160!!!, I will wait until the next service is required before fitting one.

There is no misfire or lumpy tickover. 

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