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Honda CRX help needed

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Good Morning

I was referred to The Honda Owners Club by Honda in Swindon.


I own a 1995 Honda CRX (reg N753 EKP, engine no. D16Z6-4709549) which has failed its MOT due to high emission levels.


I have been told I need a replacement catalytic converter and was given the name of Online Automotive. They have told me they can supply what I need but asked me 2 questions , neither of which I know the answer to as I am not technically minded.

…does my car have a lamda sensor?

…does it have onboard diagnostics?


Can anyone help or offer any advice – I would be most grateful


Thank you


07867 663232

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Hi Dave


Your car will probably have a catalytic converter with one lambda sensor and also it will more than likely have onboard diagnostics but in a very simple format (OBD1 or flash codes).

The emissions failure may be down to something as simple as an exhaust leak which is drawing air, a perished vaccum hose on the intake or various other issue, not necessarily relating to the catalytic converter.

An exhaust gas readout (4 gases + lambda readings) would narrow down the fault

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