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Would be worth operating it up and down and liberally spraying all joints and moving parts with WD40 to see if it eases up

Also check the connections to the sensors to see that are secure and free from contamination

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On 2/1/2023 at 11:24 AM, NigelP said:

Many thanks Trevor , hopefully have found an Auto electrician to look at it for me, with the assistance of a roof guide that came with the car.

NigelP - did you manage to get it sorted?


I have a 1997 ESI with an electric roof. All has been fine until a few months ago. It no longer functions fully, and sadly of everyone I have tried (Honda Garages, Electrical specialists, etc) none have be able to help. The best I have is a guesstimate from an old Honda mechanic that one, or more, of the slide motors switched may be faulty as they are showing an incorrect position when it stops part way through it cycle.

In short, the windows go down, the boot comes up, the tilter works and raises the roof, the two prongs leave the boot and almost go fully into the roof but they just fail to fully engage and it stops.

Does anyone have any ideas or knowledge of that expert who I come consult?

Many thanks,


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I would take each component off individually and inspect then reassemble and see if that produces any results

Time consuming but I'm sure you'll find a defect somewhere in there

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Ha ha, my roof is doing the same. The cogs were broken (and everything else worked) so sent the lifter away to have new cogs fitted. When it came back, i refitted the tilter but noticed I could no longer hand crank the cable. Does anyone know how to remove the hand cranking unit so I can examine the cables?

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