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Honda CRV 2014 - retrofitting it with a SatNav.

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I'm wondering if anyone can advise me. I'm about to purchase a 2014 CRV on Saturday. It's lovely, very low mileage & alcantara seats. But it doesn't come with a SatNav.  I'd like to retrofit one. Can I buy a second hand unit from another 2014 CRv & put it in? Would it fit? Or would I be better off buying an infotainment system & have that installed instead? 







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I would go with an aftermarket one personally as the standard unit is quite limited on its capabilities and would need upgrading with new SatNav discs/cards

An aftermarket unit can run off your phone and is far more versatile (and cheaper)

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hi Trevor, I bought my first Honda, a 2015 CRV 1.6 D-tech NAV. Apart from some minor glitches which were promptly sorted by the Honda Dealer (Vertu) I love the car and wish I'd bought one years ago. I bought it last November and it's still covered by a 12 month Hondacare warranty. The only annoying thing about it is the infotainment screen, which keeps sticking and doesn't respond to anything. If I leave it for a minute or so, it becomes responsive again, but I have to be very gentle with it. Do you think it's something I can flag up as a warranty issue or how do I get an aftermarket one and do you know how much it is? I suspect a Honda part will cost an arm and a leg. Thanks in advance for any help.

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