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Hello from Honda Jade 2015 hybrid 1.5 petrol

Artur White

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Hello, im Artur. Own Honda Jade 2015  1.5L Petrol Hybrid import from Japan.

if some one knows where around Europe i could find a good parts. as close as possible to Ireland. as its very tough to find any parts for it, as there is not many around Ireland of them. Im looking for info about Honda Jade if its possible to get TOWBAR for it. and  where to find tuning parts. like front, back,  bumper, skirts and all this kind of stuff.

Thanks Lads 

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11 hours ago, Brian Davison said:

Hi I have just bought a honda Jade in Ireland and looking for a towbar and roof rack. Did you find anything?

Hi, there are roof racks can look up, but No towbars for honda jade. 

Now having problem tih A/C need change it probably as its doesnt work correct, and i checked 1 in google markets, 1100 euros. As  on honda jades 2015 they have electrict A/C motors, not the belt ones. 

Maybe someone know if A/C engine is good from any other hondas or toyotas? 


Brian you have japanese import as well? 

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