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Vehicle classification for insurance question


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Probably a silly question but I started looking into this as I have been getting really wild insurance quotes for the ZR-V which \i pick up in a couple of days.


I currently run a late 2019 CR-V EX hybrid and I re-insured it in June at a cost of £380. In getting quotes for the ZR-V they were hitting the £750 -£1000 mark and my existing insurance company seemed very reluctant to insure it saying that I would have to cancel my existing policy and take out a new one?? I asked them why and they said "cost of the vehicle". I argued that the new ZR-V Advance costs pretty much the same as the outgoing CR-V EX Hybrid but just got flustered insurance speak in reply.


I had noticed that whilst getting quotes from various sources that the were classing it as a 2 litre petrol auto, I just sort of accepted this as it was but now looking at the V5 for the CR-V it quotes it as Fuel = Hybrid Electric and Taxation class = Alternative fuel.


Is it possible that this apparent anomaly is causing issues with its' insurance grading? 


Has anyone else noticed unusually high insurance quotes?

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I guess it would be worth contacting other insurance companies to see if it is isolated with just the one or two or if it is something that is common across all the companies
If so, then it must be because of the lack of them on the road (so far)? or the expensive technology / components or some other factors

Keep us updated on how this unfolds

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I did indeed try all of the comparison sites as well as a couple of specialist brokers all to the same effect i.e. quotes between £750 and £1200. I eventually settled on an online company (Nutshell) at £540. I did question Nutshell about the fact that they quote the car as a 2.0 petrol auto (which does not exist), when it is a hybrid. Their answer was, "we are insuring a ZR-V Advance so what does it matter". I just hope that I do not have to make a claim that tests that issue.


I see the point regarding technology etc. but the HR-V is (as I am led to believe) basically a "pumped up" Civic which in turn uses pretty much the same powertrain as the CR-V hybrid but only 2 wheel drive. So no major uplift in technology there.


To complete the insult, my previous insurers gave me a derisory refund of £210 after 2 months of policy costing £380. That is some admin fee for cancellation!


I am now thinking that, as the Honda salesman suggested, it is probably the insurance companies jumping on the current general price hike mentality and getting their noses in the trough for any reason they can find.

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