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Please help - 2.2 I-CTDI can't locate knock sensor


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Greetings all, 




My first post here, I've signed up as I need help locating the knock sensor on my I-CTDI 2.2 diesel 2009 civic.




The Haynes manual only says that for ALL 8th gen models the sensor is behind the inlet manifold in plain sight. However it is not. And it's not anywhere nearby as far as I can see. 




What's more, I can find absolutely zero info/threads/videos about knock sensors on diesel civics, total zilch. Not one mention. Which leads me to the question - do they even have knock sensors?! But they must, as the car has been throwing up the error code for faulty knock sensor and the car is displaying all of the appropriate symptoms (engine light, limp performance). 




Please, if anybody has experience of the I-CTDI engine, have you located the knock sensor? 




Thanks so much 



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