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Bluetooth update


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We have a '64 plate (UK) CR-V.  It is the 1.6TDi version and the basic model with a basic CD/Radio with BT connection.


It has been so reliable that I haven't had the need to be active on any forum.  It has been the cheapest and most reliable motoring we have had in over 30 years.


If I was to be critical I'd say the ride is a bit soft, the speaker/sound quality is iffy (at best) and the BT system is crap.


The problem we are now having is that we are struggling to connect new Android phones to the system.  Both are 2022/23 Oppo (same model).


We have owned since 2015 and the BT system has not been updated.


Is there a way to update the BT software?



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Unfortunately, I would say the Honda are sadly lacking when it comes to up-to-date tech which they fit to their vehicles.
A firmware/software update from the manufacturers may bring it slightly up to date regarding BT connectivity but the overall function of the audio system is still way behind in functionality

Not sure if a complete swap out for an aftermarket system such as those from iceboxauto whose units employ all the latest tech and custom fit the vehicle dash so look good as well

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Thanks Trevor.  I agree about the quality of the tech in our Honda.  It's second last in comparison to my daughters Fiat 500.

I've driven a lot of hire cars and most other manufacturers offer better kit.


At 10 years old and 126k miles I doubt I'll spend the money on a new head unit.

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