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MPG indication suddenly dropped.


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The dashboard count for mpg has dropped from 52mpg-ish to 45mpg-ish. I fill up from the same garage (Morrisons) so not that. I have not checked against actual usage but will do so next fill up.



1. Weather? Don't think so myself but maybe?

2. Done 26,000 so maybe a software routing has decided to change it? 😅

3. Something needs servicing (but serviced August!).


Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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You could try another fuel station (premium fuel such as BP, Esso, Shell) and see if that improves it
Alternatively, check tyre pressures and anything else that can create drag on the vehicle (roof box, excess weight in the boot, etc)

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I checked the tyre pressures and found it recovered for a while and then it went back down again. Did the tyre pressures again but no luck there. Still wondering why it's struggling to get to 49mpg as normally goes to 52 mpg on a reasonable run. Honda auto VTEC 2018.

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