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Scottish Newbie

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Hi folks, billpmadscot, soon to be residing in Scotland after 22+ years in Southwest Ireland. Used to ride Honda motorbikes but 68 and arthritic I prefer my comfort with a Japanese imported Honda hybrid Fit Shuttle. Easy rider, plenty of torque when I need it. Automatic, lots of bells and whistles but no manual to explain them. Looking forward to returning home. A Glasgow boy but chose a house on the outskirts of Kilmarnock, around 20 miles to Glasgow by motorway. Drop in and say hi, I'm happy to talk on any subject car related or otherwise. :rolleyes:

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Hi Trevor

Had Hondas, 125cb and CJ250. Marriage n kids n life put an end to all that. Driving a Jap import, Honda Fit Shuttle hybrid. Good on fuel, nice machine. Am in Southwest Ireland but moving back to Scotland next week sometime, Kilmarnock, bout 20 miles from Glasgow. Where you based bud, what you driving?


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Based in the county of Dorset so lovely scenery. I'll bet the scenery and roads are superb in both Ireland and Scotland?

Sold my CR-V and the only Honda I have at the moment is the Honda Africa Twin motorcycle.

The thing is with Honda, it doesn't matter whether it is a car or motorbike, they are reliable and well built.


Good luck with the move Bill.

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