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Discs replacement and clunky noise at the front

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Hello everyone,my mum has a little jazz 1,4 auto 2005/6. First, when replacing the brake pads do the caliper piston push in or do they need to be screwed back in.

Second, clunky noise when turning left,more when turning rather than sweeping left on a curve, garage doesn't know what the problem is,but have my doubts about said garage.

Thanks in advance for any replies 

Regards Eban 

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Hi Eban


Only the rear caliper pistons should need winding back - the fronts will just push straight back in.
Usually best to release the bleed nipple when retracting the pistons and topping up afterwards.
Makes it easier to push in and also removes the fluid that has sat in the caliper which is required to refresh the old fluid every so often.

In addition, it does not send fluid back through the system in reverse which can sometimes (but now quite rarely) flip the master cylinder seals and also cause damage to the ABS hydraulic system.


The clunking sounds like a worn CV joint which is causing the noise.

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