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2005 Honda CR-V 2.2TD Sport - in a field

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Hi everyone 

New member here, hello!

I have purchased this car to be a farm run around in a field, pulling a trailer, roller etc.

The car is 4WD (a key requirement for me when buying) but this appears to be ‘automatic’ rather than engaged through any controls on the dash.

On its first outing the car got stuck in a muddy field very quickly and it was not easy to get it out as it got stuck every time it was freed again until it was virtually back out the field.

I had done some research before buying and saw people off road with their CRVs and some very steep hills so I am disappointed with my experience to date.

Have joined the forum to understand more about the 4WD aspect of the car and its operation, tips for driving etc.

Any responses appreciated and thanks for reading.


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Hello Paul, welcome to the club. Below is part of a report by 'What Car'  I have a CRV same year as yours and find it a great car but I don't take it off road.

I did know a guy who owned a Ranger Rover who got who got stuck all the time, turned out he had the wrong tryes for off road work.


What's the used Honda CR-V estate like?

The CR-V is more a pumped-up estate than out-and-out off-roader. In fact, 4WD only kicks in when it's needed, so for the bulk of the time, you're driving a front-wheel-drive car.

In other words, and as Honda will admit, this is basically a road car with some (very limited) off-road ability. That means, with no awkward compromises to strike between its on- and off-road abilities, the car can concentrate on one thing - and so it does, to tremendous effect.



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Hi Paul, the more I look into the 4 wheel drive the more confused I get, we need Trevor or BAZZER RN words of wisdom to clear up if the 2005 CRV are all 4 wheel drive and if there is anyway of knowing when it kicks in.



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The CR-V 4 wheel drive works on an 'as and when' basis....e.g. it kicks in if it loses traction so is technically a 'Crossover' rather than an 'All Wheel Drive' vehicle


As Alan has mentioned, a lot of it comes down to tyres - if they are not off road tyres then you won't get any traction once the treads fill with mud

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