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Which model to opt for

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Hi all,


I'm looking to purchase my first Honda as I'm after a reliable car that is well specced, well built and not going to lose too much value. I may have to resell in the next 2-12 months, depending on where my job takes me but that's irrelevant. 


My drive to the office is maybe once a week, 30-40 min B road drive so diesel will get up to temp, every short commute I walk. I also do routine hour plus journeys to see friends or go to customer sites.


Now I'm deciding between which to buy from the following, and wondered if there's a difference in build quality as you find with say a BMW 1 series vs a 5, or a Mercedes A class vs an E:

Civic 8th gen 2.2 EX 2008

Civic 9th gen 2.2 EX GT Hatch 2013

Civic 9th gen 1.6 EX Plus Tourer 2014

Hr-V 1.6 EX 2015

Cr-V 2.2 EX 2013

Accord 2.2  ES GT saloon 2011

Accord 2.2 EX GT Tourer 2008


Just wondering if there's a peak year for build quality. Unsure on the difference in engines i.e power, both slow but plenty of torque. Tax seems great for the i-DTEC unit other than in the accord for some reason. I don't fancy a remap, I know it kills the 8th gen clutches and guessing the 9th is no different.

Obviously the spec on the 9th gen EX Plus is great, far beyond everything else here and I love the shape of the tourer, but is the Civic a lesser car than the Accord tourer, as in would the seats be worse, the soft touch materials less and more importantly the ride?


Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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I would ask the Honda dealership as to which models are more popular.
I know that they were paying more for a Jazz than they originally sold for as they had buyers queueing up for one...supply and demand!

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