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CRV Sat Nav update


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Can someone advice me on how to best (and cheaply) update the sat nav on my CR-V?
I have a 2012 CR-V EX I-VTEC and the sat nav is pretty rubbish, not taking me the most efficient and shortest routes. I dont want to take it to a Honda dealer as I they'll charge an arm and a leg. I heard that I can update with a DVD found behind the display panel but I can't see how it's done on my model. I've attached a photo of the sat nav. Thanks in advance!


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Hi Carl

Yours is the later model system which doesn't flip down and you insert the SatNav discs in the slot at the top, I believe.

I have the earlier one that has the front that flips down and it has a slot for DVDs that stay in there.

The latest discs I have seen are 2014 which is still very old...not sure what to update to be honest.

However, there are options to improve / alter the trip settings for shorter routes, etc.

Mine are access by pressing the relevant buttons to get to alternative routes and it will show all the other potential routes available.

Let us know what you find

Cheers  Trevor

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Hi Trevor
Thats very useful. Thanks so much. I'll update you once/if I get it rectified. I didnt know that the latest discs are 2014 - thats really handy to know. Best

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hi I purchased a genuine used disc on ebay 2016 for my wifes 2010 crv ex worked a treat paid 40 quid , lots of fake and dubious ones on there do take time to check it out!

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