new crv satnav terrible

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hi ive a new crv and the sat navs terrible , its fully up to date so my dealership said, but its got me on the a1 (major motorway)nr catterick driving in a field ! , it also tells me to turn left or right but the road only bends to the l or r ! does any one else have issues with theirs ?   my little stick on window tom tom from halfords is wayyyyyyy better  graphics quality and instructions and seems more upto date , any help as realy disappointed with this sat nav, cheers Sean

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Hi Sean....welcome to the Forum


Unfortunately, the Honda SatNav and electronics is sadly lacking in technology compared to other manufacturers.

I also use a TomTom in my CR-V but the only saving grace is when it is a cloudy day (which is when the SatNavs really play up) the Honda one, as it has an exterior aerial, does perform better as picking up more satellites.

One other issue I have found is that if you have a Dash Cam with WiFi, this can sometimes interfere with SatNavs and (if fitted) may be worth switching off to try this theory.


Good to have you onboard

Cheers,   Trevor

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Hi Sean

Take it you have the Android Connect System with Garmin navigation.

Check you have everything up to date by going to the Garmin 'Where to' screen (back button bottom left from map screen) then settings. Go down to map info. Latest maps are 2018.0 and (I think, not in car atm) Garmin version 3.8.

Also check software version in 'Home' then 'Android' then scroll down to version: is RC4, is RC6 and is RC7 (the .xxx are numbers that are car specific so don't matter for version info, just the first two letters). Depending on the version you can install Waze etc.



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