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New 4x4 Terrible


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Hi all,


I just bought a CR-V SE Navi 4WD 2.0 i-VTEC.


Recently, in the snow, it was pretty rubbish to be honest, I was a bit disappointed as i bought the car thinking the 4 wheel drive would be perfect.


Has anyone else had problems at all? Do all-weather tyres help at all?


Any help or recommendations appreciated.





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Hi Gee....welcome to the forum


I took my CR-V out in the snow and deliberately went up slopes on unmade roads to try out the 4wd...which I have to say I was very impressed with.

Having never experienced it in action before, I was amazed at how it just dug in and went up the hill (with low throttle only) with no effort at all....different to coming down the hill though.

The only time I knew it was active was when I felt a small bump from the rear as it engages the final drive.


I am only running quite worn Yokohamas and they did the job okay....what tyres are you running?


Cheers,  Trevor

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Hi Trevor, Thank you.


What kind of CR-V do you have - diesel or petrol? Which year?


I have normal summer tyres - 6mm tread all round. Goodyears. Are your Yoko's all-year or summer tyres


I haven't felt any bumps at all, but I'll now look out for it.


Cheers, Gee.

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Hi Gee

I own a 2007 (3rd Generation) 2.2 diesel CR-V with manual gearbox.

The Yokos are summer tyres with not a huge amount of tread left on them.

In general, i think even if you put your foot down and it starts to slip and lose traction then the Traction Control System should kick in to cut the revs and give you back the traction.

If you still have some snow it may be worth trying it again to see what happens....also check your tyre pressures are correct for the conditions.

Cheers,  Trevor

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Hi Trevor,


So mine is much newer (2015), a petrol with the AWD system (rather than 4x4 - I think).


Looking at all the test and reviews in the snow - I think All Season tyres may help - just to give it some traction to allow it to shift some power to the back wheels (all electronic now).


Thanks for all your help and time on this - I do appreciate it.


Cheers, Gee

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