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Hi Everybody

Just bought a 2nd hand 15 reg C RV 2.2 diesel, and LOVING it!  I have just one issue I can't seem to resolve (get my head around) and that's the satnav system and its many variations.  I'm not convinced that I have the updated software and database installed, despite what the dealer tells me.  I have attached a picture of the type I have, which I understand is an HDD type of Honda pedigree, not Garmin.  Device ID is ENB28017078B, Current software version is 1.20.0300, Current Database is Europe version IT203.02.00

Can anyone advise me if these are the up-to-date versions of my system please.


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Hi Boris...welcome to the Club


I think you'll find that the version you have is the latest one...I could only find a 2016 version to update mine as the latest one.

It will mostly still work okay as I am currently running a 2007 version and it is fine in the UK as not much has occurred in the way of new motorways and A roads, however in Europe it is way outdated and would suggest using a SatNav (TomTom, etc) to navigate your route.


Cheers,  Trevor

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Thanks Trevor.  There seems to be a really chaotic variation of models for Honda satnavs.  Looking on the web is almost pointless, as finding the same model is potluck, but when chatting with another motorist from the south coast who had the same hardware, he said that his dealer had told him that these versions of software and database were out of date.  I hear what you say about the UK road system, but a couple of weeks ago I went to Liverpool and the satnav wanted me to take an A road which had been closed off since the opening of the Mersey Gateway (Oct '17); it was not a major problem, but that is what got me chasing the possibility of an update.  If I find out anything useful I'll be sure to post it.

Best regards


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As promised here is an update in my search for information about updates to my satnav.  I contacted Honda who supplied the name of the manufacturer.  Unfortunately, the first enquiry was through their form on their webpage with a picture of the satnav to aid their identification of the model, but you’ll get the gist; I just asked for information.  Their replies are in red.  Quite how they know the dealer will have an update while not knowing the version or when another update is due, I have no idea.  The search continues...…...

Sent: Monday, October 08, 2018 11:36:01 AM

To: EU_webstore_english@moduslink.com

Subject: HERE EMEA Web Store Question


I would like to be informed if these are the most up to date versions, and when the next update is available Device ID is ENB28017078B, Currently installed software version is 1.20.0300, Currently installed Database is Europe version IT203.02.00 These are fitted to Honda C RV 2014 model

Subject: Current map or product information


Honda C RV 2014/15

From: eu-webstore-english <eu-webstore-english@here.com>

Thank you for inquiring about HERE Technologies

When reviewing it we noticed that unfortunately the following information was missing, which we need in order to be able to answer your question.

Could you please let us know the navigation system type of your vehicle?

Honda AN HDD Navigation System


Honda SD Naviagtion System


It would be appreciated if you could please supply the missing information by returning this email.

HERE Customer Service





To: eu-webstore-english <eu-webstore-english@here.com>

Thank you for the reply.  The system is Honda AN HDD Navigation System


From: eu-webstore-english <eu-webstore-english@here.com>

Sent: 09 October 2018 14:32

Thank you for inquiring about HERE Technologies.

 Please note that Map updates for your Honda CR-V with your specific navigation system are currently available at your local Honda dealer.

 Product available by your local dealer:

 AN HDD Europe - 2017 (for a MY14 map)

HERE Partnumber T1000-25281 

Map Data Collected:  2015.4Q

Availability 2016-11

 Should you require additional information, please send us your feedback by replying to this email . 


Original Message:

Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2018 17:09:06

To: eu-webstore-english <eu-webstore-english@here.com>

Thank you for the information.  Can you please tell me what number Software version and what number Database version the update should install?  Also, please tell me (approximately) when the next updates are due for release.  Many thanks


Thank you for inquiring about HERE Technologies.

Please check with your Honda dealer, unfortunately we do not have this information.

Should you require additional information, please send us your feedback by replying to this e-mail . 

With kind regards,

 HERE Customer Service


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Yep, seems about right...Honda are way behind with their SatNavs and on-board electronics (e.g. Voice Control, SatNav, etc) compared to other vehicle manufacturers.

Shame, because the cars are awesome but they could do with enhancing their infotainment systems to come into the 21st century.

Good luck with it all

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Boris (not that one) Junior Member

Boris Builth Wells



Finally had a response from Honda Customer Relations. They obviously have no more information than I do!! Life's too short, I think I'll buy a Garmin

Dear Mr Chandler,
Thank you for contacting Honda (UK).
I apologise for the delay in replying to you, Honda (UK) have been experiencing an unusually high case load which has affected our normal response time.
At Head Office we are unable to confirm the most up to date software on your vehicle without being to inspect the vehicle ourselves as this is not wireless, if you require any information regarding this you are best to contact your local dealership. If you would like me to I would be happy to contact "my local dealer name left out to spare their blushes" on your behalf.
If you would like me to contact them for you, then please respond to this email and I will be happy to make this enquiry.
If you require any further assistance then please contact us on 01344 444 489.
Thank you once again for contacting Honda (UK)
Kind Regards,
Sophie Woodman
Customer relations Co-ordinator

End of message



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