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Hi all,
I recently bought a 2016 HRV Dsl.
The attached dash light pic comes on every now and again and can stay on for hrs too.
I have replaced the battery in the 1 key fob I have with a quality new battery.
I have charged the engine bay battery to 100%
All that has been done lately to this vehicle is a standard oil change & basic service after time of purchase.
Light came on a few weeks later. 
Another problem is every now and again the main screen for Sat Nav etc has to be restarted due to low battery message ?
So...whats up folks ?
Is it a main engine bay battery needed or ?

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On 9/11/2019 at 3:42 PM, Steve said:



I would go and see if the car can spit out any codes to what the issue is. There could be many reasons. Is the car still under manufacturers warranty?

Brought to my local guy and he cleared 1 fault and light stayed out for a day and then back on again so not sure if it was just an fluke as the light is interment ?
Doing some more research and the engine bay battery is an L2 60Amp when local autoa parts dealer says it should be a L3 70 Amp 
Could this be my problem ?
Talked to 2 Honda dealers and they are none the wiser ...just give us £95.00 and we will plug it in and see ....
A new "Gell" type L3 battery is £100 
Decisions ?????

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