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Help with FRV please

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I wonder if anyone may be able to help?
The car is a 2006 1.7 petrol, my daughter said the engine started to make a knocking noise. No oil light came on. We did a check and the piston at the pulley wheel end had movement, suggesting a spun big end bearing. We stripped the bottom out and sure enough the shells had spun. There was no damage or scoring on the other three bearings. We replaced all shell bearings and cleaned up the crank journal and the big ends. We checked the journal diameter and it was within spec. Checked that the oil ways were clear with an extra long pipe cleaner and all was ok. Replaced the oil filter and oil.
Rebuilt the bottom end and fired her up, the oil pressure light came on when you turned the ignition switch and went off once pressure had built up. All was fine for around 10 minutes then again it spun up. There was again no damage or scoring on the other three bearings. Any ideas?
Maybe if anyone has a spare big end standard bearing cap to try, as I running out of ideas.
Finally will any D17A2 engine run in the FR-V or does it need the ECU as well, I would move all sensors over to the replacement engine.
Thanks in advance Dave

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Hi Dave...welcome to the Forum


The only time I have found anything like this occurring is when the pickup strainer has been clogged up and as the first part to receive any oil feed would be number one cylinder fed from the oil pump which is right next to the first entry/exit point of the crank drilling.

If you bought a set of shells then you should have enough left in the packet (or removed and replaced from another cylinder but still usable) to re-shell number one big end and check out the pickup strainer and all seals/o-rings to ensure that oil is definitely being drawn up from the sump.

Let us know how you get on with this engine


Cheers,  Trevor



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