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Dtc code 52-01 abs pumpmotor relay open circuit

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Hello who can help me i drive accord dtec 2008 since short time my abs/vsa/tsa light comes on. First thought where battery this was bad so replaced.

But now still come back. After 2 till 5 times restart while rolling the car it s gone but after fews days comes back.

I doubt if its really the abs relay.

Who knows or have expierence with this.

Greets edwin

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I have experienced this in the past on my CRV and it generally disappears with extended use.

I would probably replace the brake fluid if it has been in there for some time and try to activate the ABS to move the fluid around otherwise it sits in the valve block and leads to corrosion with the valves and causes them to stick intermittently.


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Ok i replaced brakefluid beginning this year but would not harm to do again.

How u move fluid around don t nlknow how.

Sorry this because my poor english.


Thank u very much for reaction and that there is someone with same expiernce and who solved it.


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You would need to use a scantool to drive the ABS pump electronically.

Alternatively you could bleed through the threads on the unions in the ABS block....messy but effective.
Just have a watering can of water ready to wash down the engine bay. etc

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