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Hello from Doncaster, UK

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Hi all

I'm Taz from the Doncaster area in the UK. I've owned various Honda cars and motorbikes over the years starting with my first motorbike in the 70's. My first Honda car was a 1976 Civic - that was when they were renowned for being rust buckets. I had it for quite a few years, and sold it to a work mate with 90,000 miles on the clock. He kept it several years, but eventually scrapped it due to the rust. He drove it into the scrap yard as the engine was still going strong. I've also had the Triumph Acclaim, which was a combined effort between Triumph and Honda - the Honda engine really made that car sing. That was followed by a Honda Civic S - wow - very nice car, but I had to sell it due to redundancy 😞 Back into work, and I bought a very nice 1981/2(X) Honda Prelude. A bit tight in the back, but we had two very small kids at the time, so it was fine, but what a lovely car to drive. Probably my favourite car of all time - I can still remember the registration number 🙂


I currently own a Honda FR-V Ex I-Vtec 1.8 petrol Automatic. Actually, it's my wife's car, I just bought it and seem to pay all the repair bills, tax, and maintenance costs. But I get to drive it a bit too. It's a very nice car to drive, and the 6 seats come in very useful. This time of year it's an added bonus to be able to drop the rear seats so I can fit all the cardboard and other rubbish in to get to the recycling centre in one trip 🙂

Earlier this year I invested in some FR-V specific Thule roof bars, and got a pair of free Thule bike racks off my eldest son so we don't have to faf around taking bike wheels off to get them both in the back when we want to drive out somewhere different for a bike ride 🙂 I can't believe how useful they are, and they're almost silent when driving too.


The FR-V is getting a bit long in the tooth, and it's had a few issues since it got over 100k miles, but as the Mrs likes to drive it, it can stay, and I'll just keep repairing it until it becomes uneconomical. So far I've had to replace the head since the cam chain/belt snapped - not sure if it's a chain or belt, but it dropped all the valves anyway. Just replaced a rear brake caliper as the wheel got very hot when my wife drove home the other day. They're a bit pricey at £260.00 from Mr Honda, but we live out in the sticks and need a car.


I'm toying with the idea of a newer car for myself (my wife wrote my last one off), but can't really justify it at the moment as I'm working from home due to COVID. It's 99% certain it will be a Honda, and I fancy a type R, but they're a bit pricey. We'll see how things go, but I'm not in a hurry at the moment.


I also have a pair of Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird motorbikes, one of which I bought new in 2001, the other I bought earlier this year as a donor for parts.


I'm more of a biker than a car driver, but I often have to drive for work purposes as I rarely work anywhere near home, but if I have to have a car, I want something decent.


Anyway, that's me - or maybe a bit of me.



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Hi Taz...welcome to the Forum


Nice selection of Honda cars and bikes over the years.

Welcome also to a fellow biker....Super Blackbird is an absolute machine, totally envious!

I reckon the FR-V should do you well for many years to come as they were built well then.

I suppose if you have the bikes to give you the adrenaline you need then the Civic choice is the right car to also provide enough entertainment for those daily commutes when things return back to normal 🙂


Good to have you onboard

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Hey Taz, sorry about not yelling back at You sooner,got tangled up with the holidays, better known as a 50 megaton "clusterfu** ". I am 86 years of age and have owned many,many cars, I will get a list when normalcy returns. Currently I am driving a 2020 CRV Touring, having traded a 2017 CRV touring , both of which I am delighted with.  Ill get back with the list.         Lil  G

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