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FR-V binding brakes issue

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Hello all, I am out of ideas and hoping someone can share their ideas and suggestions.


I have an 2008 FR-V 2.2 diesel with under 120k miles but for last couple of years it has been hardly used.


I replaced all four brake discs and pads as first thing due all brakes being very rusty, only noticing driver side rear calliper was a bit stiff but managed to compress all cylinders without excessive force. Went on to the road and the stiff calliper started to smell badly and brake disc turned darkish (obvious overheat). I naturally thought calliper seized, so took it apart but only found seal slightly trapped (fitted improperly). May I also note all four callipers looks like they are newish, so must have been refurbished at some point in the past. Replaced the piston seal and put all back together - no effect, still binding. Then due time limitations I assumed it could be sliders that failing, so ordered a set of new sliders. Fitted when they arrived and the brake still binding. Worth to note as soon as you press brake pedal the calliper locks up even during bleeding procedure. Car had tracking but pulls to the left.


Handbrake shoes has been replaced too and as soon as I take calliper off the brake disc spins freely, so it's not the handbrake.


On top of this I have VSA pressure sensor issue. I have replaced it with second hand unit and it was fine for a week, but now same error code came up recently meaning faulty sensor. I suspect it's not linked to binding brake?


Checked all other wheels - no binding at all. Just the passenger side rear.


Any suggestions? Something with brake line for this wheel or something I overlooked in the calliper? Tempted to buy new one but wasted enough money already and will need new brake discs/pads too..


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Little update, I checked today that there is no brake distributor and all lines from ABS pump goes directly to the each calliper. I took both wheels off and moved callipers away to the free position (in other words pistons fully compressed in) and noticed by right hand side calliper has a lot more wobble than the other side. Could this be linked to brake binding? Anyone breaking FR-V by any chance?

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The problem I have is that the calliper looks fairly new, possibly recon condition. The piston does not have any rusty spots and would say reasonably tight fit. All seals new. When no fluid inside I can operate the piston quite easily, so not sure if calliper is the issue.. Will try to swap calliper carriers tomorrow and see if issue moves together with it.

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I've had brake binding issues. My mechanic advised me to replace the calliper with a reconditioned one rather than to try to service the calliper as the labour involved in trying to fix up the existing caliper wouldn't be worth it. Either way that seems to have solved the problem.


Calliper replacement was eventually done on both wheels.


In this case it wasn't the handbrake sticking.


Just thinking aloud here - could the overheating brakes had damaged the sensor for VSA? Or perhaps its the faulty VSA which is causing the brakes to lock up and overheat?


I know this doesn't help you that much but I hope you get yours sorted.

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