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CRV warm/hot starting problem

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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on here, hoping someone can help.

I have a 2008 CRV 2.2 diesel, starts first time when cold and runs perfectly even down the motorway. Problem is, once you turn it off it will not start again for 2 or so hours when its cooled down, it just turns over and displays engine light and VSA & TSA. Once cold back to normal again!!


Main dealer has said the ECU is not holding its memory and needs a new ECU at £1700.


Had a second garage take a look and they have said ECU memory is all there it's just not communicating when warm. Suggested a second hand ECU and swapping the data over.


my question is though, if the ECU is not communicating when everything is warm, how can the car run for well over an hour without any issues at all, it drives completely fine!

could this be an ignition system related problem? as this is the only time it plays up, asked other CRV owners and they have said i doubt it's the ECU it's more likely a sensor or relay problem.

i don't want to fork out on an expensive part and then find its something else.

Been pulling my hair out & I haven't got much left so if anyone has had this issue or can help/advise it would be much appreciated.

thanks Timbo.

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Had a similar issue with my 2008 CR-V and i changed the fuel filter which solved the issue.
They are rarely changed because they are notoriously hard to get to replace

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Hi Trevor, thanks for your help, much appreciated.

As I have not had the car that long, I've looked back through the service details and it looks as though the fuel filter might not have been changed for quite a while. The previous owner didn't do a lot of mileage and it looks as though in recent times the car had more in the way of a  "intrim" service" which most probably didn't include this.

I will be following this up and will keep you posted on what happened.


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