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Hi there


Just popped in as I have a technical question.  But before I post that (will need to find the right section).  Had a look around and am impressed with the friendly helpful nature of members here.  No surprise really as you are all Honda owners so know how to make correct decisions. 😄 


Anyway I have a CR-V EX I-CTDI 2009 for about 6 or 7 years now.  Love it.  Other than having to fill it up every now and again not many problems. No I lie the aircon compressor went down - cost a bomb to fix. Otherwise just niggles here and there.


Live in West Sussex - previously in North London up to a few weeks ago.


May get another Honda this year - thinking of electric or hybrid.  Still need to my research.


Anyway, thanks for having me on board.



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Hi Edward......welcome to the forums

The compressor is a common fault unfortunately and does cost a lot but worthwhile in the hot weather otherwise you could have bypassed it.

I suppose the pressure is off you from no longer living in London where a hybrid or electric would be the only way forward.

Good to have you onboard!

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Thanks Trevor


The compressor had to come over from Japan.  It was during the first lockdown so not too inconvenient.  But costly.  I think I paid something like £1,400 all in. Ouch.


Yes moving away from London means the Oct 2021 ULEZ deadline I get to miss. But still will look to change the car anyway in the next few months.  This place here already has a charging point so every incentive to change.  



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I had a sneaky feeling that Honda recalled the Air Con pump shortly after they realised there was an issue but it didn't last for long though

I suppose the only way forward is to go electric or hybrid at the very least.
If you get free electric then a plug-in is the best way to go, assuming your driving distance is not too far 🙂


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