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Rear seat belts issue Civic MK7

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I'm new to this community but have a very strange issue and really hope someone can shed some light as it's driving me mad. When the rear seat belts are fully extended and the mechanism starts winding them up, it doesn't release until the seat belt is completely retracted if that makes sense. My wife is pregnant atm and needs a bit more seat belt when sitting in the back but when she pulls it a bit more It reaches a point where the mechanism starts making this clicking sound while retracting and it can only go in one direction, it no longer releases until it's completely retracted. The only option is to unbuckle it, let it wind up completely and then pull it again as it basically sticks her to the seat. Both the left and right belts do the same thing. Although an older car, it was hardly used. Owners were an elderly couple who used it for shopping and the interior is very well preserved. I thought it could be because the belts haven't been used as much but have ordered two belts as a replacement, used of course and they do exactly the same thing. It seems strange for Honda to make them work that way but for the existing and replacement belts to have the exact same issue is even stranger. The car is a Civic MK7 the Exclusive edition 5 door automatic, 2001 petrol engine 1.6 SE. 


Thanks in advance! 

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Hi....welcome to the Club


I know exactly what you mean, when I had surgery some time ago, I couldn't have the belt tightening against me so I bought one of these clips and it worked superbly.
It doesn't hinder the seatbelt operation or cause damage but it retains it slightly off the body and doesn't retract beyond the point you attach it to on the belt.



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