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Hello from Wicklow Ireland.

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Hi everyone my names Richie. I'm from Co. Wicklow in Ireland and said i'd join to get some information on Honda's and thoughts along my build and read along other peoples builds and any teething issues along the way. 


I drive a 2007 Accord Type S for a daily driver and an EP3 Type R for a weekend / blow off steam car. 


I've only got the Type S about a week so since getting this i just added wind deflectors as otherwise its all good and fits my comfort levels for a daily driver. I don't want to take the comfort or fuel economy out of it. 


The EP3 i have about a year and I've done some work & upgrades already to this one with plenty more along the way. 


I've to date done the following:

  • Upgraded Honda Clutch master cylinder
  • Hardrace Engine mounts
  • Hardrace front bushings
  • Hardrace balljoints
  • Hardrace inner tie rods
  • Hardrace outer tie rods
  • Hardrace front anti rollbar bushes
  • Hardrace front anti rollbar drop links 
  • GReddy Oil Temp, Oil Pressure & Water Temp Digital/analogue gauges
  • Oil filter sandwich plate
  • Blox Air filter (K&N one that was on it when i bought it was way past it)
  • Carbon Fibre air intake cover
  • New Excedy Clutch 3 piece kit and input shaft bushing
  • New gearbox oil seals
  • Gearbox oil change with OEM Honda gearbox oil
  • Engine Oil & Coolant Flush 
  • New Motul 5w30 Fully synthetic motor oil 
  • OEM Honda oil filter
  • New Iridium tip spark plugs
  • New OEM Honda knock sensor 
  • New OEM Honda Lambda Sensor
  • New Coolant temperature sensor
  • New Uniroyal Rainsport 5's all round

The EP3 had a K&N Typhoon air filter system when i bought it and coilovers which i will be removing to fit standard suspensions back onto it with lowering springs. 


I'm sure there's loads more but that's all i can think of at the minute. I'll get a build thread up with some pictures of work done along the way. 


Still a good bit of work to do on it mainly to the rear end suspension setup, some bodywork to clean it up and then a gearbox rebuild as my 4th gear syncro has started to give trouble. 


I've had a few Honda's in my past, an EM1 coupe, an EJ9 and a CL Accord. Nothing along the EP3 lines thou. 




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