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Alarm issues


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Hi so last week someone did a hit and run on the front of my frv.  It’s bang on the centre and bumper is smashed and bonnet lip bent.  I managed to get the bonnet open but now it won’t fully close  so effectively it’s just open and in the latch.  I can open the bonnet from the outside without using the bonnet release from the interior.

This also means that the alarm doesn’t fully set (or so I think), as in when car is locked the indicators don’t flash and red dash light doesn’t come on.  however randomly the alarm is going off sometimes through the night, or sometimes could go whole day and it won’t go off at all.  I have covered the bonnet with a blanket and tucked it into the open gaps hoping that the wind or rain won’t trigger the alarm through the bonnet but this hasn’t really worked.


I am trying to eliminate it being the interior sensors but not sure to disarm them?  Any ideas.


for now I have to leave 1 door unlocked so alarm doesn’t set at all.

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Hi - is the bonnet sensor just a push switch like the door switch that turns the interior light on when the door is opened ? If so you could just depress the switch and tape it down just to check it ! Just a thought !

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