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Hi everyone i have a FRV 2005 plates the engine check light is on and is giving a fault code temperature sensor 2 fault

the connection is corroded can any one suggest where i can purchase one or i have to buy a complete harness 

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Can you clean up the connection or make an external connection with some wire and splice it into the loom?

If not, then breakers yard is the other option I suppose but possibly has the same issue if it is a common fault

Let us know how you get on with it

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I had the same error code come up on my 06-plate FRV.

The problem was intermittent, first the engine malfunction indicator light came on for a couple of days, then it went off for a day or so.

Then it came back on for about a day, then over the following two weeks it kept going on and off, but each time it came back, it stayed on for less time and the gap between when it went off and when it next came on again increased then it went off and hasn't been seen for several months.


Never got to the bottom of it, nor found out where that particular sensor is (apparently there are two temperature sensors - especially due to the fact that this one is described as #2) and our mechanic wasn't sure which was which.


Not sure if it's relevant but this all happened after we left our car parked near an airport when we went on holiday for a week

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Just found this topic again, thought I'd update.


In the end the light came back on again three months later, so I had the sensor replaced. It's underneath the radiator.


When the sensor came out, the socket was visibly corroded.

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