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Aftermarket catalytic converter and sensors recommendation

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Unfortunately I've recently had my catalytic converter stolen from a 2006, 2.0L petrol FR-V.


They also made a mess of the floor when they jacked it up ūüė†.


Anyway looking to try to repair it and I'm wondering if the cheapest catalytic converter (seems to be made by EuroFlow) is up to the job? And there seems to be several brands of sensors - FuelParts, Cambiare, Blue Print.


Just wondering if anyone has any experience with these? Does the Euroflow exhaust work well with the FuelParts sensors? Is it likely to trigger the engine MIL or MOT failure?


Thanks in advance for any experience that you can share.

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Sorry to hear about that.....seems to be endemic across the UK at the moment.

If a reputable retailer (e.g Eurocarparts, GSF, etc) are selling them then they should be compliant to emission specs and useable on the vehicle as advertised.

I cannot think of any issues where it wouldn't be efficient in maintaining emissions levels as long as the joints are secure and no exhaust gas is escaping which would introduce oxygen into the system.

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Thanks for your thoughts on this.


Neither Eurocarparts nor GSF are showing the products on their website.


The EuroFlo-branded catalytic converter is sold via Marathon Warehouse Distributers, for example one of the garages who are selling it online is InTown Automotive / Online Automotive which is a garage in Northampton.


I hope it's a reputable company but I was hoping someone might find this message who has fitted one to their car could share their experience.

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Just to update everyone, after a lot of research it turns out that there aren't any options for the catalytic converter.

I ordered the EuroFlo. When it arrived, alongside the EuroFlo label it was also marked with the equivalent AS model number, which I take to mean that EuroFlo and AS are selling exactly the same product under different model numbers. There is also a 'Vegas' branded exhaust on the market on some European sites and from looking at the picture I suspect that too is identical.

I contacted HJS who said they don't make the exhaust for this model.

Meanwhile Genuine Honda catalytic converters for this model are discontinued and sold out so there really isn't any choice on the actual catalytic converter.


However you need more than just the catalytic converter itself. I contacted CatMan who was the only supplier able to supply everything all from one place. So if you want hassle free, that's a good option.


Otherwise, if you want to do it the cheapest way:

OnlineAutomotive.co.uk for the main exhaust components - the catalytic converter (ECHA1031-TA) and the central silencer (HA3087) - note that the part numbers listed on OnlineAutomotive are slightly different to the EuroFlo part numbers and that these parts are specific to the 2.0L engine. If you have a different engine you'll need a slightly different part - but the retailer or manufacturer will be able to tell you which is the correct one for your car.

eBay / Motor Parts Direct / Euro Car Parts for the bolts and fittings. Euro Car Parts only have the bolt, but it's the cheapest place to get it.

SparkPlugs.co.uk for the pre-cat lambda sensor (Denso DOX-0512)

Parts In Motion for the post-cat lambda sensor (Intermotor 64766), although there were several brands which all seem to be manufactured by the same company. Note that this seems to be out of stock with them at the time of writing so if all else fails try eBay.


I had my mechanic fit all the parts and it seems great. Perhaps a slight improvement in fuel economy which isn't a surprise I guess. Labour was a couple of hours for the exhaust.


You have to be quite careful and pay attention particularly with the bolts and fittings to ensure you get the right quantity of the right bolts depending on exactly which sections need fitting together. Interestingly, we found the front gasket underneath the car when the car was towed away so I threw it in the bag with the parts and my mechanic said that he re-used even though it was 13 years old it because it was a better fit than the EuroFlo one I had ordered especially.


I hope this helps someone

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