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Hi Guys - I am new to this forum, but thought I would share in case you havent noticed the clock issue problem. Today 17th August 2022, my clock displayed on the sat nav of my 2007 CRV suddenly starting working again. I just had to alter to British Summer Time. Anyone else noticed it?

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Must say, I was surprised when it suddenly restarted. Especially as I had been into my local dealership in the last week on another matter, and when I asked for an update they stated they had no idea when it was going to be resolved!

Spooky they could log into each vehicle though??



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one thing i have noticed since the clock issue as been fixed at night, in the last few days when i have the radio on at night the the screen is a lot brighter than it was even when it is turned rite down on full brightness it illuminates the whole vehicle interior up. anyone else have this problem?

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