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Re-Mapping my Civic


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Just had my 2.2 i de-tec Honda civic re- mapped to stage 2. OMG what a difference. My Civic now goes like a bat out of hell got to hold on tight. plus MPG is so much better when driving sensibly, getting around 55/58 MPG, and also its alot smoother and responsive. has any one else had a re-map done, and with what results. 

Re-map was carried out by Celtic Tuning in Newquay Cornwall.   

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Thanks for letting us know the outcome and referral.
Always good to hear of a success story and recommended company


I found when I upped the power on my 2.2 it started to slip the clutch (not that is was worn out) as it uses a self-adjusting mechanism which utilises ramps to adjust the wear on the clutch pressure plate. Too much 'oomph' in one go made the mechanism slip up the wedge ramps and would return once the power was off, bit like a slipping clutch

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When i inquired about having a re-mapp, they asked what the mileage was and if i was on the original clutch, as you mentioned the extra power will make the clutch slip. 

 As my Civic has done 135000 miles and on the original clutch so  i took their advice and  i had the lot changed by Honda.

 The only thing i must mention is that the EGR Valve gasket must be in good order as mine is leaking a little as i can smell a wiff of fumes coming into the car when at a standstill, so the next work to be done shortly.

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