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20 mph speed limit


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So apparently the Government are apparently introducing a General Overall Speed Limit in built up areas of 20 mph. Some one asked on the Honest John Forum if the Cruise Control limit on vehicles will adjust down to 20 mph and the answer was apparently it can only be adjusted to a minimum of 21 mph and that should be okay, but if the Control Limiter is not correct ,try telling that to the Judge for exceeding the 20mph speed limit, I agree this limit should reduce accidents in particular outside Schools etc but there seems to be a question that needs to be answered on this Cruise control issue, Not that I personally would intend to use Cruise Control for this low speed.

Any opinions ???

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Some vehicles have a speed limiter which is good for operation up to 20mph and just means you can't go over that speed.....of course you have to remember to switch it off when you get to a motorway 🙂 


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I hope this law applies to motorbikes, push bikes and electric scooters etc., or does it only apply to the persecuted motorist ? perhaps the police should be informed ?????

Or is it just me who feels unfairly persecuted  🙂 

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