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does anyone have a fuse list for 05 accord tourer petrol

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Hi all, fitted a new battery last week - today I manually opened the tailgate, now it will not " auto catch " so will not lock !  and will not open or close off the fob - was working fine prior to new battery last week, I can not find which fuse that governs it and I don`t want to start pulling fuses willy nilly until I know which is the correct one, the doors lock/unlock off the fob as they should any help welcome  

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SORTED ! Thanks Trevor - I also saw an article on another site = Remove poss then neg terminals from battery, leave for half hour, then open boot, keys in ignition - turn key so dash is lit - do NOT start engine - then close boot lid by hand, refit poss then neg terminals on battery (all in that order) remove key from ignition - press boot unlock button - done

I think what I did wrong after replacing the battery was opening the boot manually - not using the key fob, it must have confused the system !

This worked for me !! This resets the boot and all should be fine.

Hope this helps someone else. 


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This is another tailgate problem I cannot solve - and neither can anyone else ! This has even stumped the AA

In summer (warm weather) tailgate works off key fob, both open and close - come winter (cold weather) the tailgate opens off the key fob - gets to fully open - beeps and closes again ?? Really confusing and annoying but not a major problem - someone said (on another site) if the tailgate stays open after opening that this proves the struts are good - but that being the case  why not in cold weather ?

I have proved that the motor, wiring and struts are working as they should but only in warm weather ! -- So why not in cold weather - it has been like this since I bought the car in 2008 - I am convinced that there is a temperature sensor somewhere that works in conjunction with the tailgate - but nobody has a clue as to where or what it is ! -------------------- That is the puzzle for someone to solve - Good Luck !

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