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Warranty claims

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Hi all,


New to forum. Our 2015 CRV SR DTEC has had to go back to the dealers 4 times for warranty claims since we have owned it. We bought it in April 2016 with 4000 miles on the clock, it had been a Honda UK car before the dealers had it.


First claim was Nov 2016 for Exhaust sensor, illuminated engine management light.


Second claim was April 2017 for new passenger door mirror, glass wasn't dropping for kerb view when reverse selected.


Third claim was November 2017 for PGM-FI warning light, Honda Assistance/AA diagnosed a dead glow plug.


Fourth claim is ongoing but happened yesterday. Driving on local A-road, I went to overtake and the car went into limp mode as I put my foot down. Engine light came on along with tyre pressure, traction control, power steering and hill descent control. Honda Assistance called again, AA patrol plugged in and only fault code was low fuel pressure (he blamed cold weather) but when he cleared engine light all other lights went out as well.


Car has done 32,000 miles and has been serviced in accordance with Honda schedules. We bought it because of Honda's reliability record. Has anyone else had issues? (Guess not or they would be on here...)

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Hi...welcome to the Forum


It is unusual for any Honda to have this many issues in such a relatively short space of time.

It could quite possibly be down to fuel pressure as generally when you accelerate hard it will pull the fuel rail pressure down.

I could only really suggest running some reputable (quality) fuel treatment additive through the fuel system to clear any carbon, etc within the engine and restore power.


Keep us updated with progress on how it is all going and whether the fault returns.


Cheers,   Trevor


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Thanks for reply. Car has been to dealer and been serviced as well as warranty work. Fuel filter was filthy and blocked. Wasn't done at last service as not at required mileage, apparently the technicians couldn't work out that it would go over 25,000 miles before next service (last done at 19,000). He did admit that it is a pain to get to on the 1.6 DTEC as you have to remove the exhaust downpipe. They couldn't explain other warning lights. Service manager suggested speaking to Honda UK customer service about multiple warranty claims as they were surprised by high number as well.

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Interesting 65 plate crv 1.6dtec auto

I had the exhaust sensor changed last year, just had a run off issues water in the fuel filter light on cleared and charged by dealer !

two days later light back on, then stop start yellow warning lights, dealer had car again said battery etc ok, two days later flat battery in traffic using stop start, started taking pictures of warning lights as no code shown when plugged in!

service manager took over fuel sensor changed, stop start sensor changed & new battery all on warranty and initial fee refunded  , so far so good and with all the cold weather!!!!!!  49,000 on clock

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Hi  I am new to the forum

Just to say that I never use the stop/start function. I disable this as part of my start-up routine. I I am in a traffic jam I can always turn the engine off!

As for warranty issues. I purchased a new top of the range CRV 1.6dtec in January. since then the rear mirror shroud has continued to come lose and rattle. I've been back to the dealer three times and phoned Honda customer support. The issue is still on going. A simple fix would be to bend the locating clips outwards a little to make the item more secure. The fix so far has been double sided tape! What a laugh!! Also the sat nav is a big disappointment. The update still does not feature new roads in Lancashire and does not include the Cyclops database of traffic management cameras. A poor do since all the stand alone Garmen systems have this. Hondas reaction - silence!!!

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I have to say that the technology used in Honda SatNavs and other onboard systems is way outdated compared to some other manufacturers....an area in which they could do with investing in.

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