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Diagnosing Turbo problems.


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Hi folks.  Bought an 07 CR V 2.2 i cdti.   It's got Full Service and 147k on it.   Hellish obvious Turbo Siren noise at around 2.5rmp and more.  I'm hoping to check for Oil Starvation to the Turbo?  It runs amazingly well.  Boost great and goes like a small rocket.

Or has anyone got any other ideas?  I had the exact same noise on an Alfa Romeo 159 a few years ago and the turbo bearings whent resulting in a cloud of black smoke.

Any advice on what I can check on the drive?


Thanks in advance.

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I would like to recommend Castrol stop/start c3,when I got my crv 3.5 years ago it had Castrol edge in it.When I changed it came out lovely and clean.I put the stop/ start in and when I changed it,it was really black.I thought this must mean it is cleaning carbon from somewhere.I put in some more start/stop.But next time I will go back to edge as I have read it was designed for 2.2 diesel engines from Honda.

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